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Cultivate'23 "Essentials of Hydroponics Production: A tHRIve symposium"

The OptimIA team presented “Essentials of Hydroponics Production: A tHRIve symposium” at the Cultivate’23 annual conference in Columbus, OH.

The symposium featured talks from:

  • Dr. AJ Both (Rutgers University); “Supplemental Lighting Technology for Crop Production”
  • Dr. Celina Gomez (Purdue University); “Crop Production Methods for Leafy Greens”
  • Dr. Murat Kacira (University of Arizona); “An Introduction to Hydroponics Systems”
  • Dr. Chieri Kubota (Ohio State University); “Nutrient and Rootzone Management”
  • Dr. Roberto Lopez (Michigan State University); “Plant Responses to the Environment”
  • Dr. Erik Runkle (Michigan State University); “The Basics of Plant Lighting”
  • Dr. Nadia Sabeh (Dr. Greenhouse, Inc.); “Basics of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)”

The following presentation slides from the symposium are available for you to reference.

Image from Cultivate '23