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Red to Blue Light Ratio and Iron Nutrition Influence Growth, Metabolic Response, and Mineral Nutrients of Spinach Grown Indoors

October 2022

Viktorija Vaštakaite-Kairiene, Aušra Brazaityte, Jurga Miliauskiene, and Erik S. Runkle

Growth Responses of Red-Leaf Lettuce to Temporal Spectral Changes

  October 2020
Qingwu Meng and Erik S. Runkle

Historical, Current, and Future Perspectives for Controlled Environment Hydroponic Food Crop Production in the United States

April 2020
Kellie J. Walters and Bridget K. Behe, Christopher J. Currey, Roberto G. Lopez

Controlled Environment Food Production for Urban Agriculture

September 2019
Celina Gomez, Christopher J. Currey, Ryan W. Dickson, Hye-Ji Kim, Ricardo Hernandez, Nadia C. Sabeh, Rosa E. Raudales, Robin G. Brumfield, Angela Laury-Shaw, Adam K. Wilke, Roberto G. Lopez, Stephanie E. Burnett